Scotts Remodeling is the leading expert in Quality Bathroom Makeovers. In little time, we can transform an old bathroom into a bathroom getaway that’s perfect for any customer.  Scotts Remodeling has installed over 2,500 bathroom makeovers.

A tub-to-shower conversion is a great way to update your bathroom without doing a full bathroom remodel. You would be surprised just how big a difference a new tub to shower conversion can be; there are many different types of options when doing a tub-to-shower conversion.

We make sure that your new bathroom is safe and convenient through available features like a built-in seat, well-placed grab bars and installed niche's for your products & razors.  Our makeovers will give you a new oasis you will love. 

Our installation crews can finish your bathroom makeover in as a little as 2-3 days so you will have your bathroom back as soon as possible. And it comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Visit our showroom and browse our bathroom design ideas. Choose from more than a dozen wall colors, shower base colors, and accessories. Don’t let an old, outdated tub ruin the look of your bathroom today.


Demo & Install Labor & Materials for Shower Tile, Floor & Shower Door: $3,999.00* 

(*Does not include all materials including new toilet, new vanity w/sink, new shower valves & faucet & recessed medicine cabinet: $11,997.00. Value: $13,688.00. (ROI: 88% = A) Shower walls: (3w x 8h x2, 5w x 8h), Bath Area: 5x7)

Initial Consultation

The first step to any remodeling project is an educational on-site consultation. During this consultation, one of our professional designers will meet with you in your home to discuss your ideas, answer your questions, walk you through the process, and explain what is doable based on the structure of your home and your budget.

With over 30 years in the remodeling industry, we consider our team to be experts, so you can be confident that the information and advice provided are honest and accurate, and of course, have your best interest in mind!

Custom Bathroom Design Package

IF you're going to re-layout your bathroom , every remodel requires a custom design package to be completed prior to construction. The package includes floor plans, 3D renderings, a Scope of Work document, and a Budget Items Worksheet.

The purpose of the design package is not only to provide a clear visual of the remodeled space, but also to outline everything that is to be done throughout construction. This documentation ensures everything is discussed and agreed upon– including process, timeline, and pricing — before anyone ever picks up a hammer!

Floor Plans & 3-D Renderings

Our detailed floor plans and 3D renderings will allow you to see the structural changes that will be made to your home, as well as the aesthetic features to be included in the remodeled room. We do this by taking photos and measurements of your existing bathroom and plugging it into our rendering software. Our designers then draw the details of the room (walls, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, windows, lighting, finishes, etc.) according to the inspiration photos and notes we’ve collected from you.

This visual aid is extremely helpful because it brings to life an idea that you have only imagined. It can either confirm what you want in your remodel or prove that what you had in mind might not work in reality. In either situation, our team of designers is able to assist you with suggestions and ideas to provide the best possible outcome of your project. We can make tweaks and revisions to the designs until you are 100% happy with it!



Example Includes: Remove/Replace w/new; toilet, vanity, countertop, tile floor, tile shower walls, faucets & valves (including plumbing), shower door  

Material & Labor: $11,995.00...Value: $13,688.00 (ROI: 88%) = A

Rochester Flooring Kitchen & Bath Stores:

Material & Labor: $21,377.00 Value: $13,688.00 (ROI: 64%) = F

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Cost Vs Value Bathroom Remodel Report

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