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What Goes Into Your Investment

- Marketing

- Liability Insurance

- Do you need a tear-off or is it a roof over (NYS Law: 2 layer max)

- Number of shingle layers currently on your roof needing to be torn off

- Any special architectural features on your home requiring extra material and/or labor?

- Do you need a dumpster?

- Experienced Installers

- Cost of Materials & Delivery

- Cost of overhead 

- 5 yr labor warranty 

Accurate Measurements within 1%

We Credit Customers 100% of Un-Opened Materials


- Roof Overlay: starting at $2.89 per square foot

- 1 layer tear-off: starting at $3.25 per square foot

- 2 layer tear-off: starting at $3.49 per square foot

- More than 2 layers: starting at $3.79 per square foot

- Cedar Shake tear-off: starting at $4.49 per square foot

*Prices require a physical assessment and measurement

Upgrades include; Ridge Vent, Soffit Vents and chimney flashing. 

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Roof Installation Price Guide

When it comes to installing a new roof, homeowners typically focus on the TOTAL price, without giving much thought to what goes into that number. In this guide, we will discuss how roofers come up with their quotes, and how you can determine if you are getting a fair deal.

I will first mention that you should (in most cases) choose a contractor who is licensed, insured and has a good reputation with their past clients. It is important for you – the homeowner, because you want to install a roof that will protect your home for many years to come. The best, most expensive material is only as durable and long lasting as the contractor who installs it. The last thing you need is to replace your new roof within a few short years, just because you initially tried to save money and hired a sub par contractor.

Quality VS Price:

All too often, a cheap roof means that it will NOT last a long time. When it leaks, a “cheap” contractor will usually not honor his warranty, and the cost of repairs or replacement will be on you.

The bottom line – a company needs to make money to stay in business, to be able to repair your roof if or when the need arises. In fact, because most contractors compete on price, cutting corners has become the norm.

For years, the industry has been torn to shreds by uninsured crews hiring illegal labor, with very little expenses. For honest, licensed and insured roofers, who build a reputation on doing excellent work, it has become immensely difficult to compete in such an environment.

In order to get enough work, many of these good crews have to drop prices, and to compensate for lost profits, some also begin cutting corners and reducing quality of work.

How contractors determine your roof replacement cost

A typical contractor looks at the following factors:

Roof size, Slope, Job complexity, Number of existing layers, New material to be installed, Underlayment and accessories, Material waste, Ventilation to be installed, Flashing work to be done, Trash disposal costs, Labor costs, Overhead costs, (insurance / advertising / trucks /cost of doing business / etc) Profit.

A typical contractor has a base price per “square” (1 square is an area of 10*10′ or 100 sq. ft., and is used in the industry to simplify communication between suppliers, architects, sub-contractors and customers). On top of the base price per square they add additional factors, such as complexity of the job, amount of flashing to be done, and other items such as ventilation, etc.

What goes into the cost of new roof installation

Let’s look at an example: typical roof – a ranch house that is 26 feet wide by 48 feet long, and has a pitch of 5 in 12. The size of such a roof is 1350 sq. ft., and with waste of 10%, the contractor will need about 1485 sq. ft. (15 squares) of shingles or other material.

Cost of materials:

1 square of Lifetime or formerly known as “30 years” architectural asphalt shingles is about $120.  Underlayment and accessories cost another $40-50 / square. Dump fees can range from $30-100 per ton (2000 lbs.)

Overall, material cost is about $170 / square + $350 for dumpster + $50-100 for building permit.

Labor cost:

If a typical installer gets $15/hr, a foreman gets $20/hr, and a laborer gets $10-12/hr, and you need say 6 guys to rip and install a 15 square job in one day, that gives you 5 guys * $15/hr * 8 hours = $600. Add a foreman at $160 / day, gives us $780 in payroll. Add another 65% (workers comp, unemployment insurance, payroll taxes). An average labor cost would then be $1285 to install 1 roof.

Figuring out total contractor’s cost to install one 15 squares roof: Materials: $150 / square. Labor: $86 / square ($1285 / 15 squares). Overhead: $17 / square (assuming that a roofer does only 1 roof per day). Dumpster + permit fees: $400 or $27 / square.

Total contractor’s cost:

$4,186 to install a typical 15 squares ranch house roof, or $279 / square, before ANY profit.

Total cost of this job would be $5,232 or $350 per square.

Average roofing costs across US and Canada: It just so happens that in most places and according to most roofing contractors that I’ve spoken to, the average cost per square that they charge ranges between $250 and $450 / square, so our calculation of $350 / square falls right in the middle of that average.

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