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Our Cabinets Are Built On-Site

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- Quality Plywood (not all plywood is the same). Ours is better quality meaning less voids & more SOLID CORE.

-  Our plywood is real wood veneer VS a paper with wood print

- We use Blum Hardware with a lifetime guarantee which is an industry leader in hinges & slides.

- Our finish is of a higher quality & hand sprayed in our paint booths

- Our drawer boxes are solid 3/8" plywood bottom VS a 3/16" w/a melamine bottom. This WILL warp in a shore time & give a spoon effect.

- Our cabinets are built for a lifetime...theirs are expected to be replaced in 10 years. 

- Our wall cabinets are finished on the bottom so there is no raw plywood exposed.

- Our interiors are real wood veneer... theirs is a PAPER with a wood print.

-  Our shelves are 3/4" plywood with a real wood veneer...theirs is 1/2" particle board with a wood print

- Our paint is topped w/a clear top coat to protect the finish...Theirs is just paint w/o any protective coating.


Cabinet Building Processs

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